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Danielle Demeter founded Demeter Medical, Inc. and Park City Drip to meet the aesthetic and IV therapy needs of the community.

Danielle began a career in Nursing over 25 years ago when she graduated from Westminster College of Salt Lake City.

She started her practice as a Certified Nurse Midwife/ Women's Health Nurse Practitioner over 16 years ago when she graduated from the University of Utah.

From the beginning, she quickly established trust and respect from the community and beyond.

She has been trained over the last 10 years in neurotoxin injections. In 2019, She retired from her successful practice of delivering babies and providing healthcare to women to focus on her new independent venture, thus Demeter Medical Aesthetics and Park City Drip were born.

Her new business and focus is to provide mobile medical aesthetic and intravenous hydration therapy services to residents and visitors of Park City.


As the beauty and aesthetics industry expands, Danielle's education, training, experience, and skills fit perfectly into the ever expanding needs of all clients.

Men and women can enjoy the services offered through Demeter Medical Aesthetics. 

Parents have been entrusting Danielle with their most precious possessions, their bodies and their babies for 15 years. 

Demeter Medical, Inc. Mobile Concierge: We will bring our world-class services to your most comfortable place, your home, business or hotel. 

About Danielle Demeter
& her unparalleled care
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