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Demeter Medical, Inc. is a mobile concierge aesthetics and IV therapy service located in the beautiful mountains of Park City, Utah.


Comfort and connivence is key to us, when you book your appointment, we come to you. Whether you are on vacation, working, having get-way weekend; we can setup in your home, office, hotel or rental property.

  • Clients must be 18 years or older for IV services

  • Surcharge may be applied for outside service area

  • All clients must fill out medical history and consent prior to treatment

  • 12 Hour or less cancelations will be subject to 50% service charge to your credit card

  • Mobile service fee not included in pricing below

  • Large group discounts available.

Below are some of our most popular services.
We offer Neurotoxins: 
Botox Dysport, Jeauveau, Dermal Fillers
Microneedling & Microchanneling w/PRFM
Neuro Toxins

Smooths and softens lines and wrinkles


Prices Vary

Derma Fillers

Lips, cheeks, mid and
lower face

Prices Vary

Next generation of microneedling

Prices Vary

Hair Restoration
with PRFM

Non-surgical hair restoration with PRFM and Growth Factors

Prices Vary


Rejuvenate your face with
your own cells

Call to hear
all Services
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